Our Experts

Dr. Petra David

30+ years of experience in research, technology and the E&P industry
Specific Skills

3D petroleum system analysis and modeling in the basin and field scale, organic geochemistry, compilation, evaluation and integration of geochemical data.

"Understand subsurface processes:
Driven by curiosity, enabled by knowledge and experience"

PD Dr. Ernst Kiefer

30+ years of experience in research, E&P industry and geothermal energy
Specific Skills

Sedimentology, Regional Geology and Reservoir Geology, Wellsite Geology, Evaluation of Drill Data and Drill Cores, Petrography and Texture Analysis of Magmatites, Metamorphites, Sedimentary Rocks and Ores, XRD, REM and EDS, Diagenesis of Sandstone, Carbonate, Tight Gas and HPHT Reservoirs, Assessment of Deposits.

"Working on subsurface projects is great"

Claudio Pazzi

30+ years of international experience in the E&P industry, seismic interpretation, regional geology

Specific Skills

Integrated 2D/3D seismic interpretation, structural geological and sedimentological mapping, seismic attribute analysis and seismic facies analysis, QC of seismic inversions, reservoir characterizations and AVO analysis, creation of new exploration concepts, generation, evaluation and evaluation of prospects. Specialization in Petrel and Paleoscan.

"I strongly believe that the integration of all available G&G data is the key for obtaining a reliable earth-model and reducing exploration risks."

Klaus Fischer


35+ experience in the E&P industry, worldwide studies in all types of basins, development of exploration concepts, volume & risk assessments

Specific Skills

Seismic interpretation, seismic sequence stratigraphy, from regional basin scale to license and field scale, 2D and 3D.

Courses, training and coaching of junior employees.

"Analysis and integration of subsurface data towards a better understanding of earth history"

Dr. Markus Schleicher

30+ years of international experience in the E&P industry, reservoir geology, field development and reservoir management.
Specific Skills

Specialist in reservoir geology, integrated geological modelling (Petrel, RMS) with dynamic simulations, sedimentological dipmeter and borehole image interpretation.

"Geoscience: the most fascinating discipline requiring interdisciplinary input and workflows for valuable solutions."

Frank Goerisch


27+ years of professional experience in exploration, field development and production, well planning, project management, subsurface team lead.

Specific Skills

AVO/AVA analysis, seismic inversion, seismic interpretation including attribute and depth evaluation and prospect evaluation, seismic gather analysis, proven oil and gas explorationist, team player.

"I have the best job in the world because I can go on a treasure hunt every day!"

Uwe Schulz


30+ years of international experience in the E&P industry

Specific Skills

Seismic acquisition land and seismic (re)processing, seismic reservoir characterization, AVO and DHI analysis, many years of experience in seismic interpretation (2D and 3D).

"Experience in seismic analysis while skillful applying acoustic and elastic laws and acknowledging the physical limits of our measurements."

Verena Jakob

15+ years of experience in the E&P industry, seismic modelling, seismic attributes. 
Specific Skills

Qualitative and Quantitative Seismic Interpretations with PaleoScan, Seismic Reservoir Characterization, Seismic Forward Modelling, AVO and DHI Analyses, Rock Physics.

"Fascinated to see physical laws working in practice."

Martin Zühlke


15+ years of international experience in oil and gas exploration and production. Operationally and in project management.

Specific Skills

Technical planning and support of projects for oil and gas exploration, evaluation and exploration of potential underground natural gas storage, planning and preparation of exploration programs.

"The excitement when you find something new in the deep underground!"

Dr. Thomas Rühl

25+ years of experience in the E&P industry, from research to modern seismic migration algorithms to the practical application of seismic reservoir characterization technologies.
Specific Skills

Rock Physics, quantitative bore mounting, preparation of seismic pre-stack data, AVO/AVA analysis, post- and pre-stack seismic inversion, seismic attributes, fluid and lithology classification, DHI risking.

"To elicit more and more secrets from the underground is an exciting thing!"

Prof. Dr. M. Peter Süss

Professor of Geology at the University of Tübingen, 15+ years of experience in E&P industry, exploration, field development, research and technology.Co-founder and partner of Terra Geoservice.
Specific Skills

Velocity Modeling, Seismic Interpretation, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, Reservoir geology and integrated reservoir modelling with Petrel, RMS and Eclipse, statistical methods in exploration and modelling, R&D management, asset valuation and full-cycle project assessment.

"Working on subsurface projects is great!"

Bernd H. Herold


35+ years of international experience in oil and gas exploration and production. Expert in formation evaluation, petrophysical recording and interpretation.

Specific Skills

Expert in Planning, Execution and Monitoring of Borehole Surveys, Formation Pressure, Sampling and Fluid Determination, Comprehensive Interpretation of Clay Sands and Carbonates, Advanced Evaluation of Low Permeable Clay and Gas Sandstones.

"Making the invisible visible with physics."

Dr. Bernd Klug

Over 26 years of professional history in exploration, field development, and well planning as an expert, project manager and executive; Co-founder and partner of Terra Geoservice.
Specific Skills

Sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, structural and operational geology; Workflows for the evaluation and risk management of G&G projects, as well as underground assets.

‘‘Knowing the real Quality and Completeness of Data is the Essence for understanding and modelling the Subsurface‘‘  

Ulrich Bülow

Data Management Specialist

35+ experience in the E&P industry, active in seismic processing, G&G application service. Project manager in the development and implementation of G&G data and document management systems.

Specific Skills

G&G data and document management, organization of data exchange, management of interpretation projects (Petrel), support and consulting for G&G software

„Receive maximum value of information with trustworthiness in data.“
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