Subsurface Resources and Storage

Our experienced E&P experts provide you the geoscientific knowledge  and support you in the definition, development and assessment of your subsurface resources and storage projects from exploration to production.

Our experts use modern interpretation, analysis and modeling tools fitting the needs of your projects.

Stratigraphic Correlation
Seismic Interpretation and Attribute Generation
Implicit Modeling of complex Structures

Geoscientific Technical Services

  • compilation, quality assessments and evaluation of geological and geophysical data.
  • generation of geological maps, correlations, sections and 3D-models of reservoirs and storage volumes.
  • seismic interpretation and subsurface mapping, well tying and time-depth conversion
  • seismic reservoir characterization (attribute analysis, seismic inversion and seismic modeling)
  • sedimentological and structural core descriptions - interpretations with digital data compilation and analysis
  • petrographic analysis of thin-sections and interpretation of diagensis 
  • operative geological well planning, well evaluation, wittnessing and reporting
  • analysis and interpretation petrophysical well-logs

Generation, Evaluation and Support of Subsurface Resource and Storage Projects

  • planning and execution of regional studies and F&E projects
  • generation of prospects, work programs and field-development plans
  • evaluation of reservoir quality and potential
  • geological risking, probabilistic volumetrics and reserves calculations
  • integrated assessment of E&P assets and ecomomic analysis

  • external reviews, evaluation and quality assurance of work packages, mile-stone results in exploration, development and production projects (Audits, Peer Reviews…)
  • generation of approval documents for mining authorities  
  • provision of interdisciplinary expert teams for your projects
  • support for project specific communication with public and government (technical stake-holder management)
  • project management support - from the planning to the full backing of your project management team.
Reservoir Property Modeling
Dynamic Reservoir Modeling
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